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Posted - February 13 2005 :  00:42:42  Show Profile

i am interested in. howerver,i do not know how to set it up. and can't find any instruction here or at digitalpoint forum.

would you please share the code & instruction how to set it all up in vpasp?


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VP-ASP New User

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Posted - February 13 2005 :  12:52:07  Show Profile  Visit ProductivePC's Homepage


You will need the latest network.asp file from the DP forums. You can get the latest one here:
You want to download the ad_network.asp
The dp.asp is just for testing to see if the code is actually working. You can download this if you want to see if the code is actually working.

1. Sign up with a DP account:
Click on the create an account link in the middle of the paragraph
Remember to include the http:// when fillinng in your website address

2. Download the latest code ad_network.asp code

3. Create a blank text file and name it ad_network_ads.txt

4. Upload both of these files to root directory on your server.

5. Make sure the ad_network_ads.txt file has write permissions. If you are on a linux or unix server then you do this in your ftp client by right clicking on it and choosing the chmods command, more than likely (WS_FTP) in your operations options or click properties and it should be there. You want there to be write permissions acros the board. If you are on a windows server this should automatically have write persmissions. If it does not then you have to contact your hosting company.

6. Add the following line at the top of your shop$db.asp
<!-- #include virtual=../ad_network.asp -->
NOTE: You can also include an ad_network.asp file in your shopping directory. In this case you would just put the following code in your shop$dp.asp file
<!-- #include virtual=/ad_network.asp -->
If you choose the second way, you will also need to place an ad_network_ads.txt file that has write permission set in that same directory.

7. Include the following code within your shoppage_trailer.asp

dim ads
ads = ad_network

8. Include the following code wherever you want to display the ads. The following code must be placed below the above code.

<%=ads(0)%> | <%=ads(1)%> | <%=ads(2)%> | <%=ads(3)%> | <%=ads(4)%>

9. Sign into your DP acccount and validate your links if you have a Google API.

10. Come back here in two weeks and tell us how you are doing.

If you do not have your own Google API, get one. It is free and will help tremendously when validating your website.

Remember, In order for your links to be displayed on thousands of other pages you must show these links on everyone of your pages. You can show 1-5 links however I highly suggest showing 5 because that will give you more weight. The more weight you have the more times your links get shown on other peoples websites.

NOTE: If you have pages on your website other than ASP you will need to set those up as well however it is not hard to set them up... IE. html or PHP.

PHP is extremely easy to set up. HTML is pretty easy to set up as well depending on whether you are on a linux or windows server and what type of control panel you have.

There are setup procedures for just about every language I can think of in the DP forums. IE, CGI/PERL, ASP.net, JSP and the list goes on and on and on.


Edited by - ProductivePC on February 13 2005 13:37:43

Edited by - ProductivePC on February 17 2005 23:42:29
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VP-ASP New User

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Posted - February 13 2005 :  19:00:04  Show Profile  Visit bmw000's Homepage

I set it up per your instructions. It's working on my website now. I will give it a try. Since it's free I guess it can't hurt.

They gave me a weight of 1,569. Somehow that seems bad. We will see how it goes though.


Brian Weber
BMW Solutions, LLC
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VP-ASP New User

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Posted - February 13 2005 :  19:34:01  Show Profile  Visit ProductivePC's Homepage

Weight is given out by the amount of PR and how many pages your website has indexed by the Google API. Your website currently has 128 pages indexed with a PR2. You can raise your weight by raising your PR and adding more content pages. A Blog or forum is good for doing this.

With a weight of 1500 start out with a secondary keyword phrase and go for 1 keyword phrase. As you build up more weight then add more keyword phrases.

I suggest starting off going for a keyword phrase that word tracker results report back around 300 searches per day. When you build up to around 4K-9K then either go for 2 different secondary keyword phrases or go for 1 semi-competitive. As you build up your weight to 12k then you can go for a very competitive keyword phrase. (The above figures are if you want to see resultsl within 2 weeks like we have).

Use the following tool:

Just a little strategy to save you some time and help your results.
Watch your backlinks in MSN as well.


Good luck in your endeavors.

Here is another method you can use to keep track of your backlinks within Google realtime.
Instead of using
use link|www.yourdomain.com


Edited by - ProductivePC on February 13 2005 19:53:28
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Starting Member

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Posted - February 14 2005 :  10:31:18  Show Profile
thank you very much ProdutivePC.

this truely helps...
thank you again, sek

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VP-ASP New User

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Posted - February 16 2005 :  00:24:05  Show Profile  Visit ProductivePC's Homepage

Were you able to get the network setup? Don't forget to validate.

We now have over 6000 backlinks in MSN.
We now have over 1300 total websites linking to us in Google
You find this out by using the following method:
As our links continue to climb, so does our ranking for both of our keyword phrases.
We have around 1200 backlinks in yahoo.


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VP-ASP Super User

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Posted - February 16 2005 :  09:06:20  Show Profile  Visit apswater's Homepage
but please tell us.... are you getting an equal increase in sales?

I am just looking to see the quality of the hits... and if they turn into sales....

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VP-ASP New User

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Posted - February 17 2005 :  15:24:40  Show Profile  Visit Justin's Homepage

1. Did you have permission from VPASP do advertise in their forum. My guess is NO.

2. How do you get a kickback from something that is FREE?

Oh come on, Wayne. You're telling us that you receive absolutely nothing from this company? So if I dropped the referrer code from the URL, it wouldn't make any difference to you?

ie instead of your link:


I just use:


Is that fine with you?

Let's have a little look at the Croop Ad Network FAQ:


Is there any incentive to refer people to the ad network?
Yes, there is a referral system where you receive a 10% weight bonus when you refer someone (the weight being based on the new user). In simple terms, the more people you refer, the more your ads are displayed across the network.

Oh my! What a surprise! While you may not be receiving any direct financial kickback, you are definitely receiving more traffic and back-links as a "referral bonus". I'm sure you mentioned to Howard etc that you would be using the VPASP forums to improve the ranking of your own site.

Anyway, over and above the fact that I think what you're doing is deceitful, more important is that you are encouraging people to do something that, when it comes crashing down, will possibly get you black-listed from Google. It has happened before, but people never learn: YOU CAN'T TRICK THE SEARCH ENGINES.


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VP-ASP New User

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Posted - February 17 2005 :  18:35:25  Show Profile  Visit ProductivePC's Homepage

1st of all- There is no money being made on the network, well, there is if your count the increased number of sales that come in because of it. The network is free. There is no monetary kickback that comes to me.... Well, let's see.... my website gets shown more on the network, this means more traffic which does result into more sales.... okay, I stand corrected.... Yes, there is now a reason for telling you about this other than just being a nice guy. I could care less if people use or do not use the ?s=2197 at the end. I am sure that people have went to it without the use of that. I do not try to hide it. If they do use it then it shows up as a referral for me. If they choose to use it, I can help keep track of how they are doing and offer any suggestions, as you have seen me do thus far. Someone would be stupid NOT to use it in order to gain more weight for the network. Absolutely! If I can help our own website while helping other people, yep, especially when it doesn't cost anyone anything.

Well, Justin, you go ahead and keep thinking that it is deceiptful... It is a free country! Go ahead and sit there wondering why you spent so much time on your website and do not make as many sales while the rest of us reap the benefits and make more sales and essentially more money. :)

Search Engines 101:
Search Engines believe that your website is important by having your link on other website pointing to you. They also believe that the anchor text contained within those links dictates what your website is about. (There are exception toe every rule but that is the majority rule)

This belief is not a link exchange... this is a webmaster that feels your website is important enough to post your link on his/her website. You can get these links many ways. One of the most common ways is a link exchange however you do not need a link exchange in order to get your link on someone else's website. This network allows webmasters to place your link on their websites.

Here are some rhetorical questions Justin.
When someone sells advertising on their website and they have an automated banner exchange program. This is a program that changes banners everytime you refresh the page it shows a different website. So is that deceiptful too? The network is the same exact concept. It allows people to offer free advertising on their website for other websites.
An example of a Banner Exchange (same concept as the network) can be found here: http://my.statcounter.com/project/standard/stats.php?project_id=234043&guest=1 Remember to refresh the page.

OH WOW! Look at www.statcounter.com They have a PR of 9. But, according to you, they are being deceiptful! Why does Google love them so much! Could this be because they have a hidden link on every counter that they give out?? Is that being deciptful? It does state in Googles TOS that hidden links are not allowed.... wow, why does statcounter.com have a PR of a 9 and they have had that for a LONG time.

You will also notice that ALL of those banner exchange links go to the tribalfusion website (a different part of the tribal fusion website each time depending on what banner is being displayed)
With your uneducated SEO theory tribal fusion, one of the leaders of advertising on the Internet today, would be Google blacklisted, and therefore any redirects that are being used or associated with triabl fusion would also be Google blacklisted but let's take a look shall we?
http://www.tribalfusion.com/ - PR6
http://www.earthlink.net/ - PR8
http://www.packet8.net/ - PR5
http://www.freeipods.com/ - PR6

Those are just a few of the millions of websites that are advertising on the tribal fusion network.

The BIGGEST difference between the tribalfusion network and the DP network is those websites are PAYING to advertise on the tribal fusion network. The DP network is FREE!

Does this mean that nobody should ever purchase any advertising space on websites or from any advertising companies? Are they being deceiptful too?

How about webmasters that purchase links from www.textlinkbrokers.com
or the other million brokers out there? Is that deceiptful too? Wow! You mean to tell me that the people that are in the number 1 spot for the Search Engines that use those tactics are being deceiptful! Well, let me see, that is just about 80% of the Internet that sells advertising space on their website.

How about this one? When I like a website and I believe that they have a lot of things to offer my users, I place their link on my website however I do not ask them to place a link to my website on theirs but I have their link in the php/asp programming only to show up when people come to our website under certain keywords; this way it will only show up for people that are looking for that certain information... is that being deceiptful too?

Plain and simple, you obviously have no clue on Search Engine Optimization OR how the search engines operate.

Which brings me to my next point.
We have been in the network for 17 days now.
(Others have been in the network since last November and are still in number 1 ranking)

MSN: We are maintaining at 6003 backlinks
Google: 1400 total links in Google now. (using the | instead of the :)
Yahoo: 1,240 backlinks in Yahoo

We are jumping from 19-31 in yahoo daily for our main search term.
We are jumping from 10-22 in Google for our main search term.
We are #12 for our secondary search term.

The numbers have come in, we have generated over $15K more US dollars in sales in the last 14 days more than what we normally do. This is 100% due to the network without a doubt!

Oh, and btw
You can sign up with the network through the following link:

That is with a BIG ?s=2197

If you like the realtime stats that you are seeing as well as you would like personal assitance from me in helping you set up the network, click the link above.... you can also copy and paste without the ?s=2197 and ask for help in the DP forums...

Good luck in all of your endeavors and come back in two weeks and let us know how you are doing.

Gift Baskets

Edited by - ProductivePC on February 17 2005 20:01:29
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VP-ASP New User

87 Posts

Posted - February 17 2005 :  20:35:08  Show Profile  Visit Justin's Homepage
Wayne, I'm not going to sit here and debate you. You win.

You're a winner, Wayne. Same as all the winners who cried when they suddenly lost their rankings in the Google Florida update. (oh yeah - I know *nothing* about SEO. Right).

Since you obviously know everything about SEO there is to know, you need not read any further. For everyone else, I suggest [url=http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=365207]this[/url] Google Answers, which is about what happened to one poor guy who tried to increase his Google rank.

One thing worth noting from that link:

"Your own RECIPROCAL LINKING PROGRAM also contributes to the impression
of over-optimization. The fact that Page Rank of 4 or greater is a
condition for linkage would be a red flag. It could easily engender
spam reporting by those eliminated from applying. If reported, then
checked by a Google minion, it's likely to count as a black mark. A
directory of sites is perfectly allowable, but references to Page Rank
requirements and trading linkage is considered to be another method of
artificially inflating page rank."

A quick tour of http://www.worldfamousgiftbaskets.net/link-to-us.htm and we see the following:

"Websites that provide a link to us on their home page will also receive links dependant on your Google PR placed on our website. (ie. If your Google PR is a 3, you will receive 3 links placed on our website all on pages with a Google PR3 or better. If your page has a Google PR4, you will receive 4 links, Google PR5, 5 links, etc. etc. etc.)"

Anyway, VPASP users seem like a pretty savvy bunch of people. Why not get it straight from the horse's mouth, Google's very own guidelines page:


"Don't participate in link schemes designed to increase your site's ranking or PageRank."


edit - Wayne, using the pipe character will show pages that mention your site, not necessarily linking back (ie useless in terms of PR). You have 158 pages linking to you, including this quality site:


(scroll down about 2/3 of the page - it'll take you about 10-15 minutes to find manually).

Edited by - justin on February 17 2005 21:01:17
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VP-ASP New User

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Posted - February 17 2005 :  22:06:09  Show Profile  Visit ProductivePC's Homepage

Wayne, I'm not going to sit here and debate you. You win.

Well, I am glad you are not going to debate. Sure sounds like it to me.

However, just the fact that you mention using the link: command in Google tells everyone that you know nothing. If you did know anything you would know that it always returns false results.

Hence if you use the link| to return the real results of any website out there that has the link to www.worldfamousgiftbaskets.net

Next, if you did know anything about SEO then you would know that you get hundreds of requests per day with websites that have already included your link on their pages. Good luck finding their link on ours. Nice try though.

And yet you don't have a webpage to show us at this time..... how convenient? Once again, showing all talk. I can show you numerous amounts of top searches that we are number 1 or better for.

However since this forum post is for the benefit of those that want to utilize the network through http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/ad-network/?s=2197.

We use the network for two search terms for testing it to report back to other people. You are right about 1 thing. The people at VPASP are intelligent. That is about the only thing you got right.

I am glad you can read however; apparently you don't read thoroughly, which is probably a good reason in itself not to listen to your foolish ramblings. The following is a quote and was said best in one of the forums: Quit being jealous and Join Now! The reason that person lost rankings is because of the following not because of his link exchanging program:

INTERSTITIAL PAGES designed for search engine spiders, rather than
human consumption. These are the "added" pages you listed above. They
need to be removed. This sort of redirection fell out of favor with
the search engines some time ago. You're lucky the site lasted in the
index so long. These particular pages are relatively sophisticated,
keyword densities carefully calculated, and human language word
frequencies taken into account, but I'm sure you realize that they
aren't terribly effective sales tools. Human customers reading the
information are unlikely to be enticed by the content. They were
created specifically to manipulate the search engines.

LINKS TO LINK FARMS designed to artificially inflate the number of
links to your site by unrelated websites or those established solely
for the purpose of linkage. These links need to be removed.


These domains are listed by WHOIS as owned by a single entity, and the Domain Servers shown as EASYHOSTINGNOW.COM, which is identified as a blacklisted spam domain.

HIDDEN LINKS are found on nearly every site page. This practice has
been banned for years, regardless of method used. Remove these links.

Oh, but then again, you aren't debating, are you?

However, it is again a nice try to change the total subject that you really don't have a clue what you are talking about. Every time you open your mouth you prove this. But no, please go on. I am sure everyone is having a laugh at your lack or originality and kiddish like style.

I am sure that you think you have SEO knowledge because you read some guidelines and searched for 20 minutes on Google to pick up some terminology in Webmaster World and a good article to browse over however the fact still remains that the proof is out there. Links to your website increase rankings. Everything you tried to say and have absolutely no backing on is just a theory of a non-educated wannabe SEO/SEM.

Now it would be useless to ask you what websites you take care of because now there is no way to actually prove that now is there.


Edited by - ProductivePC on February 17 2005 23:48:35
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VP-ASP New User

199 Posts

Posted - February 17 2005 :  23:41:37  Show Profile  Visit ProductivePC's Homepage


Sorry I just saw your post.
Here is what I have noticed. From just being on the network, our traffic has tripled to the website. Our sales have just about doubled.

We are only going for two keyword phrases on the network. The extra sales have come in through those keyword phrases that we were not listed for to begin with.

The strength of this network is the fact that
1. All links are rendered HTML in a link rotation. This is the same concept as a banner rotation. Banner rotations have been on out since Livescript was created by Netscape, now more well known as JavaScript. When ASP/PHP became available, banner rotations moved over to that language because it allowed the search engines to see your link on that website. This is a Banner/Text/Text Banner Rotation and nobody in the history of the Internet has ever had their website banned for having a banner rotation on their website or participating in a banner rotation program.

2. The keywords do not just stop at Google. They are for ALL search engines that have spiders. MSN, Yahoo, and Google just pick them up faster than the rest however we have seen an increase in traffic from all search engines and we are seeing traffic from a lot of smaller search engines that we were not seeing before.
No, most of those don't matter however an enduser is an enduser and each one adds up.

Hopefully that helps answer your question.


Edited by - ProductivePC on February 17 2005 23:45:09
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Starting Member

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Posted - February 18 2005 :  02:35:00  Show Profile

i just get a chance to work on the coop ads.

i ran into a validation problem. basically, validation tool will check ALL pages in my site.

In fact, i do not wish to show ads in all pages. I have over 40K html static pages. I take me a long whilte to update those pages.

so i guess i will do that later once i have more time.

too bad i can't try


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VP-ASP New User

199 Posts

Posted - February 18 2005 :  06:59:22  Show Profile  Visit ProductivePC's Homepage


Actually you can. You can do one of a couple things.

1. You can run the network in different directories only. This will only require the pages within that directory to be validated.

2. (Wow, 40K static pages.... you have been doing a LOT of work. Don't you have a common header and footer for these files?)
You can download NoteTab Pro (Lite Version) and open all of your pages at once and add the code that way. It has an option for a search and replace on all files with 1 push of a button.

3. The easiest method is (if you are running on a linux or unix box) to use the passthru.php file provided by shawn. You add a .htaccess file that is already written and add the passthru.php file to your main directory and like magic, you are in the network.


Here's a quick little setup if you have a site where the server supports mod_rewrite and PHP, but all your files are .htm or .html...

All these files would go in the root folder of your site:


<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} ^(.*).htm [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} ^(.*).html [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*) /passthru.php?file=$1


PHP Code:

if (!function_exists('file_get_contents')) {
function file_get_contents($url) {
$handle = fopen($url, 'r');
$string = fread($handle, 4096000);
return $string;

include ('ad_network.php');
echo preg_replace ("/<\/body>/i", $ad_network[0] . '</body>', file_get_contents(str_replace ('../', '', $_REQUEST['file'])));


Drop the normal ad_network.php and empty ad_network_ads.txt file into the folder as well.

What it will do is read any .htm or .html file, and insert the ad before the </body> tag. You can change it up to adjust formatting or for multiple ads, but it should be a start for those that need it

If you need help let me know.

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Starting Member

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Posted - February 18 2005 :  08:19:06  Show Profile

thank you for the help!!

To run the ad on a different directory, this may not work for me too. I may get traffics to that directory but then once the visitors arrive, they will be redirected or provide a link to shopipng directory. doesn't seem to be the right move.

i am on widows box so i 'm gonna have to update all those pages.

thanks again for your efforts, i am sure this will help other people.


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