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What's New in 6.00

Just some of the many new and improved features of VP-ASP Version 6.00 include:

  • Internationalization
    VPASP supports multiple language's even more with new common terms added, products and categories can now have translations, a currency converter is included and the dual currency display has been improved.

  • True stock control
    The new Parent-Child product setup allows you to accurately monitor stock levels when a base product may have many variations.

  • Advanced product display options
    A new inventory module allows for greater choice and flexibility when displaying products.

  • Advanced static page generator
    You can now generate HTML pages for your content, products and categorys, optimising your sites popularity with search engines.

  • New, on-line searchable help guides
    The developer guides and now online and searchable, making it easier to find what you are looking for.

  • New affiliate coupon association for marketing
    You can now associate an affiliate with each of your coupons so that a commission is paid to the affiliate when a coupon is used.

  • More user-friendly administration
    The administration has a new layout and look making it easier to control your shop.
    Each administration page has its own help text integrated right there on the page, making it fast and easy to learn how to configure your shop.

  • Advanced importing and exporting for bulk product updates
    You can upload and import your file all in one step

  • ‘Others have also bought’ feature
    When displaying a product VPASP can also show others products that others have bought along with the displayed product. This is a great way to cross sell your products.

  • Option to email downloadable links
    VPASP digital delivery has been extended with the ability to email a link to a customer for them to download a product securely.

  • New dynamic navigation manager
    The front end site menus can now be controlled from the administration, allowing you to add, edit and remove items without having to modify any files.

  • Ability to re-email inventory from administration
    VP-ASP now has the ability for you to re-email the customer the order information after they make the order.

  • A whole new look
    The front end and the administration have both got a brand new look, making them more attractive and useable.

  • Massively improved built-in security features
    Version 6 can automatically detect the most common security risks, alerting you take action. Emails can also be sent to your inbox every time someone logs into the administration, allowing you to monitor and stop any unauthorised entry.

  • Breadcrumb navigation
    The category tree can now be displayed on product display pages to that users can see where they are and can go back to any step with the click of a button.

  • Advanced Editor
    A new HTML editor can be used to edit your products and content, allowing you to make them look how you want without any HTML knowledge.

  • New, advanced search functionality
    In the front end the search has been extended to include 'find all the words, find any of the words, find exact phrase and find without the words '.
    In the back end there is also more advanced searching and 'create your own SQL' queries