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VP-ASP uses the Microsoft supplied XML HTTP facility in a number of ways to communicate from your server to another computer. It is used for:

  1. UPS real time shipping calculations
  2. Certain electronic gateways
  3. Canada post shipping Calculations

Over the last months, it has been discovered that certain combinations of patches and software installations supplied by Microsoft cause any use of XML to either "hang" or cause the system to go into 100% CPU usage.

Details about Microsoft XML HTTP and DLL can be found at


When leaving shopcustomer.asp when a realtime shipping method is selected the Browser Times Out.

The DLLHOST process on the web server runs at 100%, this is relevant to Server Administrators only.


This is a Microsoft introduced bug that occurs when Internet Explorer 6.0 has been installed on the Web Server.

Internet Explorer 6.0 disables some of the methods available to the XML3.0 COM or earlier that the real time shipping or the other XML based utilities relies on.


In your VP-ASP file, such as shopupsreal.asp, locate line:

set xmlhttp = Server.CreateObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")

Change to:

set xmlhttp = Server.CreateObject ("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.4.0")

Try the file on your server.
If you get a "Server Create Object" Error, it means that the XML4.0 dll is not installed. You will have to get your ISP to install it from the MS site:

Resolution 2:
We can provide a new shopupsreal.asp (for VP-ASP 4.0) that does not use XML HTTP.
It can use ASPTEAR DLL or DYNUHTTP DLL. Some web hosting companies may have these installed. If they do not, you will have to ask them if they will install a DLL for you. We can supply either on request.