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VP-ASP has numerous built-in reports for the merchant, these include:

  • Order Displays
  • Sales Reports
  • Stock Low Reports
  • Order Tracking
  • Table Editing and Display
  • Products sold by supplier
  • Affiliate Commission Reports
  • Search Term Recording

Order Displays

Being the most important report in any shop, VP-ASP provides and formats the full invoice for the merchant with all payment, customer and shipping details. These can be printed. It is designed so that new and unprocessed orders are displayed immediately. Orders can be searched by any criteria.

Sales Reports

The sales report facility offers you a quick summary or detail report based on any date range. With a click of a button, you can see your total sales for the day, month, year or any other date period.

Stock Low Report

If stock levels are important, this report gives you a quick summary of all products that have fallen below a stock level that you have specified.

Table Editing and Display

Any table in VP-ASP can be displayed. Extensive searching, sorting and field displays are available. Records can be added, deleted and changed. All this can be done from you browser.

Affiliate Commission Reports

Orders can be associated with affiliates to allow you to pay commission or just to track links. Reports can include the number of links, number of orders and the commission to be paid.

Order Tracking

Merchants can send messages to customers and vice versa or to record private messages to themselves regarding the status of the order. This facility also includes mailing to and from the merchant and the customer.

Products Sold by Supplier

The number of products sold in any given by supplier can be displayed, in any date period specified.

Search Term Recording

VP-ASP can track keywords, categories and sub categories that you customers are searching for. A report outlining the searches being performed is available.