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 Unknown Language. . . again
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VP-ASP Super User

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Posted - April 11 2005 :  17:29:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am almost ready to go live with vpasp 5.5, have spent over one billion hours changing my previous static pages to add to the cart without database. I have added to SQL database using Excel as well, so there are both "formats" so to speak.

Anyway, I've read all the links regarding this curious error, where UnknownLanguage or something similar appears in front of all words. And, it's an easy fix: reset language, then reload shop configuration. Done. But - the "UnknownLang" appears again, maybe in a couple of hours, maybe the next morning. All vpasp files (html) that are on my host are currently hidden behind no-index and no-follow meta tags. So, the only "user" is me.

My host uses Windows 2003 and IIs 6.

I ran diag_sessionlist.asp, and the following was displayed:

There are 14 Session variables (so it says at the top)
db sheetmusic
Olddb sheetmusic
CartArray Array
CartCount 0
CurrentURL shopsearch.asp

I've read the microsoft links regarding this all, but would like to ask anyone that understands this issue:
When I call my ISP tech support, what do I ask them to do -- in plain english?? I am expecting them to say "Session variables work" and then I'm lost as to what to say to them next.

Thanks for any help. VPASP is great so far! I just need to get this UnknownLanguage thing taken care of completely before going live.

Starting Member

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Posted - April 25 2005 :  09:11:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have been going around and around with both my ISP and VPASP support for the past couple of weeks about this same issue. VPASP says "application variables are disapearing from my site" and my ISP says they are not and everything is set the way VPASP wants it to be. My ISP even changed one final setting last week that still did not make a difference. The site is on a server with very limited other sites and many server related issues this site is the only one using resources, etc. I have spent hours and hours at a time on the phone with my ISP making changes and doing tests. Nothing made a difference, until...

NOW, read this. The entire time the site was under development as an IP address because the domain name was live with a different shopping cart. Within a day after we switched the domain name to the new IP address, the "unknown LangAdminUnauth" type errors have gone away completely from what I can see. NO OTHER CHANGES WERE MADE at that time either by myself in config or by my ISP. All they did was update the dns to point to the new IP address. This is on a 2003 IIS6 server. Why? Anybody have a clue? We are still testing, but can't seem to make it throw the "unknown lang..." type errors anymore. Sure hope it stays that way.


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VP-ASP Super User

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Posted - April 25 2005 :  15:09:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The Shaman at my ISP told me something similar awhile back. With an air of confidence, he said "wait about 24 hours and it will go away." Something about DNS updating on the internet etc.

I still get the error, so far every couple of days. And, on my configuration panel, there is the UnknownLanguage error - this is always there even when everything is OK:

Shopping Cart Configuration
1. Merchant details
2. unknown langProduct01 1
3. unknown langProduct01 2
4. Customer Information
5. Payments
6. Shipping
7. International
8. Stock Control
9. Option Package-Gifts,Coupons,tracking,mailing
10. Affiliate
11. Template file
12. Buttons and navigation
13. Administration Security
14. Advanced
15. Language
16. View Current Shop Configuration
17. Edit

I ran convertproducts.asp last night after doing a bulk upload (use Excel for csv, table headings

I have all the cells in "hide" with the word "FALSE" . Anyway, ran the convertproducts.asp not sure why, just thought I should. It converted for awhile, then gave a VBscript error. After that, Administration went bananas. Clicking on Reset Language resulted in "No Record Found" Clicking on certain admin links and I would be forwarded to a totally unrelated page. Very strange. What does one do, when there is a "no record found" for English?

I would also get an VBscript error, something along the lines of "id invalid."

How did I fix it? Beats me. Uploaded some admin files, browsed the web site clicking on products, categories, (read on the forum that one of these can reset something, maybe it was shopdisplayproducts.asp). Today, everything seems OK, language resets.
I also set xdatabasetype to SQLSERVER - have no idea what this does, but perhaps this contributed to the fix.

If the above seems like incompetence, you should see me work on a car. . .<grin>

The more I get familiar with VPASP though, the more I like it. If only there was a way around the SQL character limitation for text entry, it would be perfect.

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Starting Member

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Posted - April 29 2005 :  12:21:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Strange, huh?

I should add, when I first ran setup for this VPASP install, the language config didn't load right and I got unknown lang... for everything. I forget now what I did to fix it, but I still have in the back of my mind that that had something to do with it. Don't know though.

Good Luck. Stay away from those cars, though, ok?

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VP-ASP Super User

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Posted - May 10 2005 :  17:30:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Support emailed me back, telling me that simply clicking on something like shopdisplaycategories will reset whatever it is that is going bananas. I tried doing this the next couple of times, it had no effect. The only way to get rid of the unknownlanguage error is to reset the language. I end up doing this about once every day or so, and then answer emails asking me what the weird message is.

ahhh, brings back memories of having a sleeping baby in the house. Can't leave, because as soon as you step outside. . .

Seems that before vs. 5.5, VPASP used several shoplanguage files before having words and phrases stored in the database. These files were included with 5.5. Does anyone know, could I use some of these shop$language (english) files instead of the database? How would I switch over, so to speak?

Server stats show an average of 4,000 unique visitors to my site daily. So, it's not like nobody is around and IIS goes to sleep. Links are being clicked all the time, and, orders are coming through fine. Only problem is the darn unknownlanguage error.

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VP-ASP New User

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Posted - May 11 2005 :  07:10:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Check the developers guide on those files. I don't think you can use those language files instead of the database, it sounded like just a way to refresh your languages. I keep updating those files with language changes I make but have never used them.

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Starting Member

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Posted - May 11 2005 :  23:02:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It sounds like you may be experiencing the same problems I had a few months ago. I would get calls from customers telling me that they were unable to complete a transaction because of these "unknown langerrors." Basically the shopping cart would crash on them in the middle of a transaction. Even I started getting the same errors when I try to mimick a purchase or log into the administrative screen. After going back and forth with VP-ASP support, they identified the cause of the problem as one of the following:

1. Either that my webhosting company was running a "web garden" that has load sharing enabled between multiple process or multiple servers. This kind of load sharing setup would cause the problems you are experiencing.

2. It was also possible that the application pool that my site was
assigned to was full and was constantly restarting itself. Asking
my webhosting company to put me on a less crowded application pool or my own application pool may also solve this problem.

I talked to my web hosting company whom I had been with for three years with no problems. They confirmed that they had started to run a "round robbin server" for load balancing and that their was nothing they could do for me. They basically told me if I didn't like the service, I could leave. So I left and found another webosting company and have never had any problems ever since.

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VP-ASP Super User

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Posted - May 15 2005 :  12:32:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks Brad.

I'll call my web host in the morning, as I'm getting pretty tired of this. I can stay up until 2:00 am working, everything is fine. Come back in the morning, and inevitably, the "UnknownLanguage" error is there.

VPASP is my primary source of income, I can't afford to lose so many orders because of this goofy error!

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Posted - May 01 2009 :  00:48:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
thanks for your advice

Baby Gear

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