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 Expiration Date Boxes only showing 1 number, Help!
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Posted - February 15 2012 :  09:53:52  Show Profile  Visit zacharybroyles's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Recently I've had a ton of customers say our credit card box is only showing the first number in both the month and year.

I think this is due to their systems having a large font/old browser but is there anyway to increase the size of that box to remedy this?

It's not every customer thats having this issue but I get a call a day seems like and i know we're losing customers because they get confused. I don't care if I have to make the box HUGE or if I could just have a text box instead of a drop down that'd be fine as well.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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Posted - February 15 2012 :  14:06:04  Show Profile  Visit zacharybroyles's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I added a min-width to the .txtfielddropdown in my main CSS file and that seems to have helped for me widening the drop down boxes hopefully that will sort out my issues.
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Posted - June 19 2012 :  14:13:39  Show Profile  Visit zacharybroyles's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Bump, So after I updated the cart I'm still getting calls about the expiration boxes not being large enough (i'd say people mostly using older computers and their browsers just aren't stretching the boxes)

Changing the css field I mentioned in Feb doesnt seem to change anything, and I tried it in both chrome and IE. Any ideas?
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United Kingdom
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Posted - June 20 2012 :  05:14:24  Show Profile  Visit devshb's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I'm glad you bumped the issue because I wouldn't have spotted it otherwise; someone called us the other day with the same kind of issue (ie their customers said that they only see "0" and "1" in the poplist; I'm not sure if they meant the month, or the year, or both).

I didn't know about your posting above at the time so I thought it was a coding issue with the list of values in the poplist rather than a display issue, but I guess it could be either. But I couldn't replicate the problem, and nor could the client who called us about it.

I looked at the month/year poplist functions that the card screens use and found that those functions were using "month" and "year" as local variable names, which according to microsoft is actually ok because they're not reserved words even though Month(x) and Year(x) are generic vbscript functions.

I've had situations before where variables being used are not in the official list of vbscript/asp reserved words but which do still sometimes have weird effects because they conflict with generic function names or constants etc. I tweaked those local variables in those functions to be tyear and tmonth instead of year and month hoping that would fix the issue, but that's really just a stab in the dark as we just couldn't replicate it and we also couldn't see anything else in the code that would cause the effect.

I looked in the html and css too after seeing your posting above but again I couldn't see anything there that would cause the poplist to not be wide enough or to not show the full value.

Have you managed to replicate it yourself? If so, how?

Also, I was thinking that it was possible that the customers who are reporting the problem have some kind of virus on their browser, perhaps something which is seeing that they're on a card-entry form and dynamically changing the html to post their card info to a different (hackers) site. That's a very scary thought, but if it's the case then it's not the site's responsibility/fault, it'd be down to the customer. This popped into my head as a possible cause because when we had some clients reporting that their sites were having extra links added all over the place, we realised (after a lot of head-scratching) that it was due to browser extensions which were dynamically changing the html that their browsers end up rendering (which in turn were installed via facebook apps), and if browser extensions can do something like that then it's a relatively small step to have a browser extension which changes the html inside a card entry screen to post the info somewhere else, and if the poplist doesn't follow wc3 guidelines then maybe that extension isn't processing the date poplists properly hence the too-short values. That's a scary thought/possibility, but definitely one that I'd want to put forward as a possibility.

Hopefully it's not that though, and is instead some kind of css issue. But the key thing is to find a way to replicate it, and I haven't managed to replicate it yet.

(I never managed to replicate the extra-links thing either, and in the end the reason I couldn't replicate it was because I didn't have the browser extension that the clients/customers had)

Whenever we get a situation where we can't replicate the problem at all, and the code/data/css/html looks fine, but the client/customer says something along the lines of "it never happened before about 6 months ago, and the calls we're getting about it seem to be increasing as time goes on, and we haven't change the code for years" then to me it steers me towards the browser-extension-virus thing as a strong possibility. Never used to be much of a problem, but with facebook apps this kind of thing seems to be escalating massively.

The browser-extension virus thing, in case anyone is curious about what I mean, is described here:
and is also linked-from this topic/discussion:
that's just one example (ie extra links/images etc) but if an extension can do that then it can easily do other much more scary stuff.

Simon Barnaby
s[email protected]
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/bigyellowzone
Web Design, Online Marketing and VPASP addons

Edited by - devshb on June 20 2012 05:34:12
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Posted - November 02 2012 :  10:13:37  Show Profile  Visit zacharybroyles's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hey guys I am still having issues with this and i believe it's a CSS issue. It's just showing the first number of the month/year because people are using old browsers or something dumb. SO anyway I can stretch them without making every other field that shares the same name grow in size as well?
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