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Third Party Bolt-Ons

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Enhance the features and functionality of your VPASP system with these VPASP Bolt-Ons.

If you would like your VPASP Bolt-Ons to be displayed on our site please email the following through to [email protected]:

  • A description of the VPASP Bolt-On;
  • What version of VP-ASP it is compatible with; and
  • A URL where our customers can download the VPASP Bolt-On from.

Big Yellow Zone / Big Yellow Key

Note : This is just a small selection - many other modules from BYZ are available via

BYZ Addon Subscription (BYZ147) V4.5/V5.x/V6.x/V7.x
Monthly Addon Subscription Plan - download any BYZ addons/upgrades for free while subscribed.
Google Site Map V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Creates a site map containing all your VP-ASP products for Google
Product Showcase V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Easily produce product displays (best sellers, new products, sale products) for your website
Domain Tools V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Easily implement SSL on your pages and prevent dropped sessions.
Bulk Product Updater V4.5/V.x/V6.x
Powerful utility to update your product records using selectable criteria
Cross-Selling Secondary/Enhanced Product Listings V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Allows you to show a secondary and/or more enhanced cross-selling list on your VPASP product pages
Missing/Incorrect Image Defaulting V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Make your site show a default image when the physical image doesn't exist on the server, and/or hasn't been specified.
Multiple File Product Downloads V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Allow your products to have multiple download files per product, add labels and other text for each download file's link display, and specify which order you want each file to appear in.
Customers-Also-Bought Product Lists V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Add product lists for "Customer who bought this, also bought..." anywhere in your product pages with this extra template field
Data Feed Utility For Froogle V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Get your products on to Froogle straight from VPASP
Data Feed Utility For Yahoo! V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Get your products on to Yahoo! straight from VPASP
Data Feed Utility for V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Get your products on to straight from VPASP
Invoice / Receipt / Packing Slip V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Create professional looking invoices and packing slips and save time in addressing orders
Panel Splitter V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Build flexible and easy to maintain VPASP websites quickly

Admin Category Tree Screen

Manage complex category structures easily
Category/ProdCategory Fixing Utility V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Make sure your categories are configured correctly so that your customers can find your products
Missing Images Admin Screen V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Improve your product displays and sales conversion by making sure that your images are there
Royal Mail Shipping Addon V4.5/V5.x
Save money by calculating shipping costs accurately and provide your customers with better service by allowing them to select the best UK Royal Mail service for their shipping needs
Template Fields Addon V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Increase the functionality of your VPASP system by buidling your own template fields and functions
Multiple-Directory Addon V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Extend VPASP functionality by using it from any directory on your site
Image-zooming template-fields V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Improve sales conversion by showing zoomable high resolution product images
Template Country Names V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Avoid shipping / ordering errors by displaying full country names instead of abbreviations
Template State Names V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Avoid shipping / ordering errors by displaying full US State names instead of abbreviations
Template Blank Currency Amounts V4.5/V5.x
Get flexibility in displaying currency amounts with blank values
Template Dynamic Image Sizing V4.5/V5.x/V6.x
Improve your product displays by automatically adjusting the display size of your product images

EAW Designs

CatPublisher V3.5/v4.x/v5.x/v6.x
Create Print and CD catalogs from your VPASP database. Requires Office 2000 or up.

Our eSolutions

Integrator Pro V3.5/v4.x/v5.x/v6.x
Allows online orders to be posted directly into QuickBooks for US/Can/Aust/NZ/Singapore versions as Invoice, Sales Receipt or Sales Order

Websites - Flash Templates

VPASP Templates V5.5/V6.x
Templates for VP-ASP
VPASP Templates Plus V5.5/V6.x
Templates for VP-ASP with Add-ons
VPASP Template Customization V5.5/V6.x
VP-ASP Template Customization Service

The fine print:
VPASP do not support any VPASP bolt-ons listed on this page. All support for these VPASP bolt ons will be handled by the developer of the VPASP Bolt On.

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