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Hosting - Server Requirements

  • Windows server (IIS)
  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • 5MB disk space
  • Access, SQL Server or MySQL

Will VP-ASP run on my hosting company?

VP-ASP is written in Active Server Pages (ASP); Microsoft's programming language for the web. It will run on a Windows-based server, and not Unix.

The free VP-ASP LITE version will help you verify whether or not VP-ASP can function with your hosting company without purchasing anything; as many basic packages will only allow static HTML pages and no dynamic content which a shopping cart software requires.

Click here to download the free VP-ASP LITE Pac .

When will VP-ASP not Run?

Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are not web hosting companies, which means they facilitate you with Internet access and allow you to create simple websites but do not support ASP and/or databases.

ASP is simply HTML that has program logic around it. VP-ASP requires a database to hold information such as product details, orders and customer details. If your ISP does not support ASP and databases, then VP-ASP will not run.

The Economy Plan with GoDaddy is not sufficient to run VP-ASP. You will need the Deluxe Plan at a minimum. We unfortunately cannot provide support for customers on the Economy Plan due to restrictions imposed by GoDaddy for users at this level. Also note that GoDaddy will not allow installation of additional COM objects that are required by some payment gateways.

Windows Hosting

VP-ASP now offers hosting that will guarantee that our shopping cart software will function 100%. As a bonus for signing up with us, we will also complete the installation process for you free of charge.

Click here for more information about VP-ASP hosting services.

Additionally, you may try one of our partners who have had a lot of experience with VP-ASP.

Do I need any components installed to make VP-ASP work?

VP-ASP does not require any components to allow the core system to operate successfully.

It is helpful though if your web host does have ASPJpeg installed if you wish to use the image resizing feature within the VP-ASP admin.

VP-ASP will still work without ASPJpeg and allow you to upload images, you will just not be able to resize them on the fly.