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I just downloaded VP-ASP, what do I do?

Once the pre-requisites are verified as noted below, the total install time for VP-ASP should be 2 minutes or less.

Any ASP based cart will have the same requirements as VP-ASP. ASP (Active Server Pages) is Microsoft's programming language for the web.

Installing VP-ASP is extremely easy. Click here to view the our quickstart guide in PDF.

Once the VP-ASP set up, you will find that our product is by far the most comprehensive e-commerce solution you will find at any price.

Environment Check

Before your install VP-ASP, you need to know if it will run on you local PC or with a web hosting company. ASP is a combination of programming logic and HTML.

To view HTML pages, you will need a browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla/Firefox. ASP pages are the same; they also require a browser.

ASP pages require one more thing- a web server capable of interpreting them. VP-ASP can run both locally on your own PC or on your web hosting company. But not on every PC and not on every web hosting company. The information below relate to getting VP-ASP running on your local PC. An ASP page ends in .asp and an HTML page normally ends in .htm/.html.

VP-ASP can also run on your web host. Please see our faq on web hosting at faq_hosting.htm

Can I run VP-ASP on my Windows PC?

Can you run VP-ASP on your own PC? Yes.

However, even though ASP is Microsoft's programming language for the Internet, and Windows is Microsoft's operating system for your PC, Microsoft decided not to allow ASP to run under all Windows systems.

Do you have any of the following?

  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2K
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Vista

Then you can run ASP and therefore VP-ASP

Do you have any of the following?

  • Windows XP Home
  • Windows ME

Then unfortunately ASP can only be run by using a third party web server such as Abyss. Microsoft has not added support into the above two versions of Windows to display ASP files.

You can still play with VP-ASP if your web hosting company supports ASP. See www.vpasp.com/virtprog/info/faq_hosting.htm

Windows NT, W2K

On Windows NT, Windows 2000 you will need Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). IIS comes with NT and Windows 2000 but may not be installed automatically. See faq_iissetup.htm for the setup process.

Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Professional has Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). IIS comes standard with XP Professional but may not be installed automatically. You may need to install it and configure it. See faq_iissetup.htm

VP-ASP Installation on your PC

Once the pre-requisites above are met, the actual VP-ASP install should take less than 5 minutes. The steps are:

  1. You will have received a zip file called vpasp.zip. Use a utility such as Winzip to unzip the 100+ files into a directory on your hard drive.
  2. You have finished the install of VP-ASP

If you have configured your Personal Web Server or IIS as described above, VP-ASP should immediately work. We recommend that you run our diagnostic tool diag_dbtest.asp (click on the diagnostic button on the left side of default.htm) to test whether the database can be read and written.

Using a web hosting company

If you use a web hosting company instead of running VP-ASP on your local PC, the installation is even easier. You do not need worry about IIS or PWS since this is already done for you by your web hosting company. Simply complete the following:

  1. Upload the VP-ASP files to your web host just like you do with any HTML files
  2. Put the shopping Access database (shopping600.mdb) into the directory provided or recommended by your web hosting company.
  3. Update shop$config.asp to tell VP-ASP where you put the database. See database setup for examples.

VP-ASP is now installed on your web host

Things that can go wrong

  1. Nothing happens or the ASP files try to download to my PC. This means you have not configured PWS or IIS correctly. See faq_nothingworks.htm
  2. The database cannot be read or written. See faq_databasesetup.htm
  3. Still have problems, take a look at our support options here

Can VP-ASP be used with Apple Macintosh?

Yes VP-ASP will work with Apple but the actual VP-ASP software needs to be placed on a web host that supports ASP. See faq_hosting.htm. Unfortunately Apple does not have any interpreter for ASP pages. This simply means you cannot run VP-ASP on your own private Apple machine.

But after you upload VP-ASP files to your web hosting company you can do everything. This includes shopping, administration and reports from your browser running on your Mac.