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Sending monthly email newsletters is a great way to reach out to your customers and if done effectively can have a significant effect on your bottom line.

You may think that sending a monthly newsletter involves a lot of work and technical know-how but it doesn’t have to when you use VP-ASP’s email partner - Campaign Monitor.

With Campaign Monitor you simply choose one of their ready-made templates, type in your content and your email is ready to be sent to your customer email database. We automatically update your email database for you every time a customer makes a purchase or signs up for your newsletter in your VP-ASP store.

To get started today, go to our download page and download the Campaign Monitor add-on.

Below are a few tips on creating effective email newsletters:

  • Pay special attention to the subject line, this can make the difference between your email being opened or deleted, there are plenty of resources available on Google on writing effective subject lines.
  • Don’t just push the hard sale, use your newsletters to build relationships with your customers, offer useful information and personal insights into your products / industry.
  • Offer customers incentives to read your email, such as exclusive ‘subscriber only’ offers.
  • Be brief – nobody wants to spend 20 minutes reading an email, get your point across concisely and leave the reader wanting more (so they visit your website).
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action – a ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Browse New Products’ button.
Personally I think email newsletters are a must-have for any ecommerce store, they bring lots of benefits for very little cost and effort and have long been one of the most effective forms of digital marketing.

Happy Selling!


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Fitting With Existing Customised Subscription Functions (00:00 8/June/2012)

Hi Cam, We''ve customised the ''subscribe'' section at the checkout to capture customer interests: http://www.letraset.com/shopcustomer.asp ...and in the customer account area: http://www.letraset.com/shopmaillist.asp If I contact the helpdesk, would it be possible to integrate these customisations into Campaign Monitor? Regards

Kira - UK
Coupons Working with CM & Lost Customers (00:00 6/July/2012)

Hi Cam

I thought I''d share one of my big wishes with you:

I'd love to see something like campaign monitor work with the coupon function on VPASP to enable automated customer reward emails for example, lost customer campaigns, birthday offers, loyal customer rewards, etc.

For example, if a customer has not placed an order within an allotted period of time, an email is sent with an automatically generated coupon code for a specified amount or discount, created against the customer ID & couponlimit=1 for coupon security.

Even more pie-in-the-sky thinking, what would be truly impressive for a birthday reward email though, is if the system looked at the customer’s previous purchase and offered a discount on the ‘related’ items.

It’s great to dream!

Kira - UK
Response to Kira (00:00 10/July/2012)

Hi Kira,

Thank you for your suggestions, it's great to hear about new ideas from our merchants!

This is actually something we are looking to include in the next version so watch this space!



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