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Hi everyone,

This is a bit exciting. We have just completed a project for a customer that offers true recurring billing controlled via the shopping cart through tokens.

PayPoint, UK payment gateway, offer tokens as part of their features which allow the customers credit cards to be stored on the PayPoint system in a PCI compliant environment.

What VPASP does is fire off a request to PayPoint letting them know to invoice a particular card for a certain amount.

The card details are submitted via an iframe directly on the merchants web site so we are able to leverage PayPoints PCI certified ecommerce gateway.

So customers can now sign up for a subscription based service and be invoiced automatically as per the billing cycle you set in the recurring billing system within VPASP.

If interested in enabling real-time Recurring/Subscription Billing for your site and you are a UK based company just get in touch through our helpdesk.

Cam Flanigan

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